PL Global Impex PTE LTD


P.L. Global Impex Pte. Ltd. is a top distributor in Southeast Asia, with exclusive rights to leading brands in pharmaceuticals, hardware, bulk commodities, and consumer goods. We provide a premier platform for international brands to enter the Asian market and expand their reach. P.L. Global Impex Pte. Ltd. invests in an entire sequence of the comprehensive and complete scope of services from sourcing the product to getting it to the consumers.
  • Comprehensive package of market distribution services offered as part of value-added services.
  • Outsourcing of additional specialized services
  • Customized additions available based on brand requirements to sustain market competition.
“Specialized services include product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, transportation, and distribution, logistics, repackaging, data compilation, invoicing, cash collection, and supply chain management”

"We find solutions in getting your
product to the right consumer"

Trading and Distribution

Some of the brands we
are associaed with: