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What Is An Export Permit And Why Is It So Important

Export permit:

To send out products out of the area, it is fundamental to have a license. It is important to guarantee that you are consenting to the pertinent product control steps. Products of different wares might be in breaking point to assist with benefitting strategies. Moreover, neighborhood providers use it to get help with gaining unrefined components prior to trading.

A commodity grant is important to guarantee that items traded by an individual or an element follow peaceful accords. Accordingly, trade licenses can assist with observing the outpouring of merchandise of an essential sort or of carried and taken products.

It is a government document giving the holder the freedom to sell a certain quantity of the products to a designated country. Hence, the requirement of the export permit is in a few countries only.

What is export control?

Export control is a field of law regulating the export of goods, information, and technologies. Theoretically, there are reasons that some products are useful to one nation and harmful for others. These objects are popular to be subject to regulation. There is an extent to the prohibition of regulated objects. Therefore, it is important to avoid transportation to areas that are prone to dangerous activities.

Many countries around the world are enforcing export restrictions. Therefore, there are regulations that cause prospective exporters of controlled goods to send a proposal to the local government authority. Later, that department will determine the requested exports and then issue or refuse licenses if appropriate.


Dual-Use is another category. There is another category that is not controlled for export. Dual usage means that the system has a civilian and military function.

Products, Machinery, Materials, Software, and Technologies in many jurisdictions are the basis of the classification of various items. 

It is a method of categorizing export goods using a string of numbers commonly referred to as material codes or export classification codes. The export classification codes allow for the completion of declarations and the determination of duties.

Export codes:

To find the right export code for a product, it is essential to know some information about it. Such as, including the materials it is made of, how it is created, its function, and how it is displayed or packaged. Certain items require much more precise information about them. Such as basic ingredients in food and beverages.

A government website will have updates about the export codes used by the country. They will provide a search engine to help in finding the correct code for a product.

If a company needs to classify a lot of products for sale, they can pay for a trade enforcement solution subscription. It automatically assigns codes based on a summary of the exported goods. 

If someone else is making the exported goods and not the company. Then, they should ask the seller if they have already identified the products. In addition, the freight forwarder can also assist a business with export codes. Although as an exporter, it is essentially the duty of the company to use the correct code for the product.

The business may even face financial fines and even legal action. Since misclassification will take a lot of time and resources, it is especially important to pick the correct code. Therefore, double-check it before including it in the customs paperwork.

Importance of export permit:

During the shipping of any particular object, categorizations would usually result in various treatments for a given destination, e.g. ‘No Licensing Required’ (NLR) or ‘Licensing Required.’

Typically, there is a requirement of the statement of the end-user for a permit’s request. It may be the End User Enterprise (EUU), the End User Declaration (EUS), or the End User License. Usually, these EUUs will provide planned use and include guarantees as to uses for products, e.g. not for weapon use.

If a company refuses to secure the necessary export permit, they run the risk of considerable fines, limits on potential exports, and, in the most severe situations, prison time. Hence, an export permit is extremely important.


Canalization is an essential aspect of the license, in which such products can only be transported by designated entities. For eg, a gold commodity, in bulk, may only be imported by listed banks or designated agencies.

Canalization also utilizes as an instrument to increase the negotiating power of smaller exporters. It was noticed that the major customers in Western Europe and the United States were big companies. Hence, negotiating contracts with them would entail the presence of a similarly large counterpart. Therefore, they needed someone in the domestic country who would be able to produce exportable commodities in bulk.

Factors related to export permit:

The export permit is a certificate issued by the relevant licensing authority. The exporter can ship the goods to a foreign market provided he/she has an export permit. The permit is given only after a close analysis of the evidence pertaining to the export transaction in question. The export permit depends on the quality of the goods. It also depends on the destination port.

It is also important to decide whether or not an export permit is necessary for the commodity or products which you should export. The following points are necessary for making such an important decision.

  1. What does a company export?
  2. How is the company going to export?
  3. Who’s going to receive the exported item?
  4. What is the usage of things?


In conclusion, an export permit is extremely important in order to start an export business. Therefore, export control compliance is also essential if a company plans to take its business a long way. 

Failure in obtaining an export permit may lead to serious legal actions. Therefore, it’s best to trust a company with experience, such as P.L Global Impex Pvt. Ltd. P.L Global lawfully carries its business for various years and has remained successful through its diligence. Their ability to build long-term relationships with the clients has taken them far.

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