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Agriculture is a major occupation in many countries. Also, a wide population continue their livelihoods by earning through this occupation. The two main sections that can benefit from agriculture are farmers, and sellers. Farmers grow the crops whereas sellers sell these crops to the consumers. They play an important role in running the market successfully and provide the necessary products to the consumers.

Agricultural marketing is the process which starts with the decision to produce a saleable form of commodity. Also, it involves all the aspects of market structure or system, both occupational and institutional. It consists of pre and post harvest operations that are assembling, grading, storage, transportation, and distribution. The place where this process takes place is the agricultural market. Let us understand more about the agricultural market and the way it functions in this article. Happy reading!

Characteristics of agricultural products

The agricultural market depends on the agricultural produce for a year. Hence, understanding the characteristics of agricultural products is of utmost importance.


The first characteristic of agricultural products is the bulkiness of the commodity. Generally, heavy goods and farm products that are heavy in weight require a lot of struggle in case of transportation and storage and it may become quite expensive at times. This fact also does not allow the manufacturers to transport the products out of their region because the price spread gets bulky and storage becomes more tough.


Many farm commodities are perishable in nature and the period of their perishability may vary between days, weeks, or months. Hence, the marketer has to select the products wisely after conducting a good research.

Wide varietal differences

There is a large variation in the quality of agricultural products and this makes grading and standardization quite difficult. Manufactured goods may not face the same problem as the products are of uniform quality.


Well, season is a major characteristic of agricultural products because all the goods are produced during a particular season and cannot be produced throughout the year. So during the harvest season, the prices of certain agricultural products may rise but others may fall. In the case of manufactured goods, products can adjust or be made uniform throughout the year and prices will also remain the same.

Dispersed production

Farm products are produced all around the world but many producers produce goods in small size and others in a larger or medium scale. Due to this, estimation of supply becomes difficult and may create problems in marketing. So agro commodities have their own risks and benefits that need to be taken into account.

Needs for consumption

The farm products need to be processed before consumption. So, the time or efforts that a product takes for processing needs to be considered by the marketer. And, the right product should be chosen accordingly.

agriculture market

Agricultural market benefits

Optimization of resources and output management

An effective agricultural market system leads to the optimization of resources and output management. It can also contribute to an increase in the marketable surplus by scaling down the losses arising out of inefficient processing, storage, and transportation.

Increase in farm income

An effective agricultural market system will ensure that farmers receive higher levels of income by reducing the number of middlemen or by restricting the commission on marketing services and the malpractices adopted by them in the name of advertising farm products. It also guarantees the farmers a better price for farm products and induces them to invest their surpluses in the purchase of modern inputs resulting in increase in productivity and production.

Widening of markets

An efficient agricultural marketing system widens the market for the products by taking them to remote corners both within and outside the country, that is to areas far away from production points. As the market space increases, the revenue also increases resulting in higher profit for both farmers as well as marketers. It also helps in increasing demand on a continuous basis and thereby generates a higher income.

Growth of agro-based industries

Agro-based industries contribute majorly to the economy of any country. Hence, improving the industry becomes necessary. An improved and efficient system of marketing for the agricultural market and its products helps in the growth of agro-based industries and stimulates the overall development process of any country.


Price is an essential component in the agricultural market and a well knit marketing system helps the farmers in planning their production in accordance with the needs of the economy.

Spread of new technologies

A good marketing system helps the farmers in adoption of new scientific and technological methods. New and improved technology requires higher investment and farmers would invest only if they have assurance of market clearance. New technology would make things easier and smoother.


A number of developing countries need high employment and a good marketing system. This will provide this essential thing to millions and billions of people for various activities like packaging, transportation, storage, processing, etc. This will directly affect the economy of any country.

The bottom line

Marketing can be a tricky situation especially if the individual does not know the right techniques. And when it comes to the agricultural market, people should adopt the right techniques and tools to maintain the status of the company and increase the number of customers. The company has to also build itself by communicating with the customers and hiring the best distributors so that things become more smooth and effective. This can be done by hiring a marketing agency that completes the task of advertising products and services for you. Digital marketing can be useful in this process, so make sure that you hire the best agency.

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