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What Are The Three Main Commodity Crops

What Are The Three Main Commodity Crops

Agricultural Commodity Trading


Agricultural commodities are staple crops and livestock that are grow or rear on farms or plantations. Grain, cattle, and dairy are all agricultural commodities that supply nourishment for humans and animals all over the world.


Agro commodities account for about 12% of total commodity transactions. The bulk of these crops are profitable. Spices, cereals, legumes, oilseeds, rubber, cotton and jute fibres, dried fruits, and other commodities trade on a daily basis.


Agriculture is one of the country’s most significant businesses, with lots of room for growth.  The sector requires tried-and-true products like herbicides, tractors, and contemporary irrigation systems, among other things.


Commodity trading acts as a connection between future and spot prices, which helps to keep agricultural commodity prices stable. Farmers/producers profit from stable pricing as seasonal fluctuations in prices minimise.


Commodity Crops


Commodity crops are crops that cultivate in big quantities and with high intensity for the sole purpose of being sold on the commodities market. Corn, soybeans, and wheat are the most prevalent commodity crops, but cotton, sorghum, tobacco, sugar beets, and non-wheat cereal grains also grow in some regions. Many commodity crops make a comeback in the food sector as oils, sugars, fillers, and starches, as well as animal feed for meat, milk, and egg production. They also utilise in industrial manufacturing operations and as a raw material for biofuel production.


Three Main Commodity Crops


Agriculture commodities are mostly regular food and animals. Grain, dairy, cattle, and other farm goods are eaten by consumers all over the world in India. Indian farmers help in producing, consuming and also exporting agricultural products. 


Three of the main commodity crops are-


What Are The Three Main Commodity Crops



Rice is the world’s most significant human food crop, feeding more people directly than any other crop. It’s also a staple cuisine in Asia, where half of the world’s poorest people live, and it’s gaining popularity in Africa and Latin America.


It is incredibly varied, both in terms of how it is cultivated and how humans utilise it. Rice is unusual in that it can thrive in damp settings when other crops can’t.




This is an extremely essential crop in India. Wheat arrived in India as a necessary commodity and was utilised on a daily basis. It is an important agricultural product that is high in proteins, carbs, and vitamins, as well as being a part of a well-balanced diet. It cultivates on a range of soils and moist farms in India’s northern regions.




Sugarcane is an agricultural crop that Indian farmers have used since the beginning of time. This is an indigenous agriculture item.  It belongs to the bamboo family. It also makes  Gur, Sugar, and Khandsari. India is the ideal country for sugarcane production, accounting for about a third of the total. Raw material of sugarcane also helps in making alcohol.


The supply-and-use circumstances, as well as the consequences for pricing examine the markets for key agricultural commodities. These elements define the market equilibrium from an economic standpoint. PL Global Impex Pvt. Ltd. is a commodities trading company that imports and exports a variety of products. It also facilitates commodity trading and investment for all of its customers.

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