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The Commodity Market Jeera_ The Trending Market

The Jeera Commodity Market: The Trending Market

Cumin Seeds or more commonly known as jeera is a widely used food items in the Indian kitchen. They hold a lot of importance in the lives of Indians. It is a multi-purpose food item that is used in the kitchen and in commodity trading too. Let us dive deep into the ocean of the commodity market and learn more aspects related to it. 

The Complete Guide To Planning Jeera Commodity Market or Cumin Seeds For Business

Jeera or cumin seeds play an integral role in adding taste to vast Indian and western delicacies. People who want to do business in the commodity market jeera must have an idea about features, prices, demand, production requirements, and all the general requirements essential for food or agro-commodity business

We have brought a complete guide on commodity market jeera, which is also known as cumin seeds for people who want to establish their business in food commodities.

The General Information For The Production of Jeera or Cumin Seeds

One has to make sure that they select a vast and dry region for the production of jeera. The two leading states Rajasthan and Gujarat, are the perfect choices for the production of jeera in the country. Apart from dry regions, jeera also demands desert climates with cold temperatures during most of the time of the year. The five best states in India where one can find jeera production companies are


  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Gujarat 
  • Uttar Pradesh and
  • Punjab


One can also fetch help from ICAR or the Indian Council of Agricultural research which can help them in finding the right technologies that can elevate the standards of production of jeera. One should also select states or production farms that are near ports that can help production companies in lowering the transportation charges and increase the sales. Companies carrying out intra-country sales can ensure that all their jeera production units are connected with expressways and railway lines for increasing the pace of transport and delivery. 

There are different types of production methods that jeera manufacturing adjusts according to their requirements to maximize the yield of production. We have discussed some of the main types of commodity market jeera production techniques used by some of the successful jeera or cumin seeds manufacturing companies in India.

1. Sowing of Cumin Seeds

The best time for sowing jeera seeds in India is during the start of early winter in November or December. The production farms use line broadcasting, and techniques for sowing, and all jeera seeds are sown 10 centimeters deep in the soil.

The farmers provide light irrigation during the sowing, and the second boost of irrigation is done ten days later. The companies plan irrigation programs in keeping intervals of up to 15-30 days based on the climatic and environmental conditions of the surrounding.

3. Harvesting

The farmers use sickle for cutting the plants where the wilt-affected plants are uprooted, and the best plants are kept on a clean floor outdoors for sun drying. The farmers separate the seeds from the plant by using a windowing technique where they beat the plants lightly with sticks.


One should also ensure that the plants are sprayed with herbicides to prevent the growth of weeds.

The Commodity Market Jeera_ The Trending Market

Benefits of Trading Jeera in The Commodity Market

The jeera being a multi-purpose commodity has many benefits. Here we are talking from both viewpoints i.e health as well as trading. Right now we will tell you about the trading benefits of jeera. In general terms, the commodity market jeera is extremely beneficial for developing countries. Here are some of the reasons:

1. More Resources

In the world, India and China are the largest cumin seeds-producing countries. India being a developing country, gets many benefits from the trading of cumin seeds. India is also one of the largest export hubs of cumin seeds. This in turn improves and increases the economic resources of the country. Moreover, it also gives financial stability. Therefore, there can be upliftment in the economic standards of the country. 

2. Better Living Standard

When the economy as a whole grows, the living standard of the residents also improves. This stands true in the case of trading. By trading, a country can become financially stable and can also improve the living standard of its residents. This has a long-term effect. 

The GDP i.e the Gross Domestic Product of the country will rise. This will turn the tables from being a developing to a developed country.

3. International Relations

For trading or to expand your trading, a country requires foreign buyers. The trading or the export-import between countries will strengthen their ties. Better the trade, the better will be the international relations. 

4. Foreign Investment in Jeera Commodity Market

Having a better trade will help you get more FDI i.e The Foreign Direct Investment. The investment can be on a financial basis or a technological basis. This will reduce domestic investment. In the future, a company suffers any kind of loss, and the loss will be divided. Moreover, foreign investment is needed by all the countries. Thus, from the above-mentioned points, it is quite clear how trading can affect developing countries. Hence the commodity market jeera will bring positive outcomes for the developing countries.  

Role of Indian Exports

India, being the largest producer of cumin seeds in the world along with China, has a major role to play. Moreover, Indian exports play a crucial role too. Hence the recent reform policy of the Indian government has made it clear that there will be no subsidies on the cumin seeds export.


In simple terms, no benefits either financial or non-financial will be provided to the traders. So this has created a bit of tension among the commodity market jeera exporters as they have lost some of the privileges. Thus, from the export policy, we can say that the government has a pivotal role to play in this. Hence the rules and regulations made by the government can directly affect the commodity market. PL Global Impex Pte Ltd. will guide you further.

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