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Soybean Market Price: Expanding Portfolio At Low Risk

Soybeans are one of the multipurpose food items that are used in a variety of items or food dishes. These are really healthy for the body. Even from the business viewpoint, these are really beneficial. It is a good food stock for investment. Let us understand the soybean market price in more depth.

What Is Soybean?

Investment is important but we all must know what soybean actually is. In simple terms, soybean is a kind of legume that is originally from East Asia. It is widely grown there and as also told before, it has many uses, thus it is a multi purpose food item. 

Soybean Trading

As the food item has many benefits and is used in a variety of things and for a variety of purposes too, the trading of the soybean is also a beneficial one. It is profitable and has chances of high returns on investment. Therefore, one can earn more profits by investing initially less capital. In trading, the most important aspect is the soybean market price. This is what the traders are most concerned about. 

Perks Of Investing In Soybeans

Investors buy agricultural commodities such as soybeans for a variety of reasons. We will talk about some of the most popular ones that shine in the eyes of investors.

Betting on a weak US dollar and greater inflation

Since agricultural commodities, such as soybean market price is determined in US dollars, the performance of the world’s largest economy plays a vital role in their pricing. Easy-money policies from the US Federal Reserve Bank have kept the US dollar vulnerable. Furthermore, US central bankers are likely to continue these policies to encourage consumer borrowing and spending. A weak dollar will fuel the inflation issue and reinforce the soybean market price.

Betting On Soybean's Demand Rise

Soybeans are likely to be a prominent beneficiary of powerful global growth, especially in developing market economies. Their demand for livestock feed and in oils will presumably grow as the developing world becomes wealthier. Demand in the developed world may also surpass supply in the coming years. And factors such as growth in biodiesel could add to this demand. 

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio 

Most traders have an immense majority of their assets in stocks and bonds. Commodities such as soybeans present traders with another method to diversify and reduce the overall risk of their portfolios. Thus, the soybean trading is less risky and more profitable. 

The Production In US

The United States i.e the US is the largest producer as well as the exporter of the soybeans. As per some of the reports, in the year 2017-2018, the US exported around 4.6 billion bushels of soybeans. Thus, it leads to an excess supply of soybeans.

On the other hand, any kind of disruption caused in the massive supply of soybeans by any of the factors such as weather or any other issue, can be really bad for the soybean market. Thus the US market as well its production capacity matters a lot. 

The production capacity of the US has a direct impact on the soybean market price. 


Soybeans have multiple alternatives. It is not only limited to a chunk or a single piece of soya, but now it has many variants too, such as soya oil. This is used by the majority of the people because of its goodness. It is rich in antioxidants and is full of natural ingredients. Thus proving to be very important and beneficial for humans. 

Due to the availability of beneficial alternatives the soybean market prices keep on rising and fluctuating too. 


In the US subsidy is provided on this as it is the largest producer and exporter of the soybeans in the world. To increase the production of ethanol, the government of the US provided subsidies to the farmers who produce corn. These subsidies impact the market price of the soybeans.

Should You Invest in Soybeans?

After reading the above mentioned factors, you must be thinking about whether to invest or not to invest in soybeans, thus here we are providing you with a solution. 

Investors who seek exposure to soybeans should consider buying a basket of commodities that involves other agricultural staples such as wheat, corn, barley, and sugar. For authentic diversification, they should add metals and energy as well. Buying a basket of commodities helps guard traders from the volatility of any individual commodity. It also adds some vital overall diversification to an investment portfolio.

Moreover, the risk factor is sort of low in the soybeans trading in comparison to the other commodities that are available for trading. This is a great commodity to expand your portfolio and a better way to reduce the risk factor too. 

Climate Change VS Soybean

Global warming trends have the potential to wreak havoc on the production of various crops including soybeans. If recent weather patterns remain, the world’s supply of food may not be able to satisfy demand in the years ahead. Investing in agricultural commodities is a way to profit from this trend.

Soybean Market Price Determinants

As with most commodities, the soybean market price is influenced by supply and demand. Apart from the demand and supply, there are some other factors too, such as the subsidies on ethanol, US dollar price fluctuations, rising demand etc.

Naturally, if more people want to purchase soybeans than sell them, the price will climb because they are more sought-after (the ‘demand’ exceeds the ‘supply’). On the other hand, if supply is more prominent than demand, their price will fall.

Historically, the soybean market price has been parallelled to the supply and demand of other crops such as corn in the global markets. Corn grows in very similar conditions to soybeans, hence farmers, especially those in America, will often decide at the start of the growing season which crops they are going to plant that year, depending on government subsidies. For more relevant information, you can contact PL Global Impex Pte Ltd.

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