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Is Rice Fattening Or Weight Loss Friendly


Rice has been a major part of the meal for many people around the world. It is consumed on an everyday basis and is one of the main ingredients in every household. Rice is a cereal grain and the most important crop grown in various countries. Rice is cultivated in places where there is high rainfall and low labor costs. They are mostly grown in certain parts of Asia and Africa. 

The varieties of rice are classified into two parts- long grain, medium grain, and short grain. Long grain rice is used to prepare dishes like biryani or pulao. Whereas medium grain rice is used for everyday use to eat with lentils or beans. The short grain rice is mostly used to prepare pudding which is a sweet dessert. 

The preparation time varies for each grain; it takes about 15-20 minutes to cook the rice nicely. It can be either boiled or steamed according to the preference of the consumer.

Is rice fattening or weight loss friendly

A big question that comes to people’s mind- is rice fattening or weight loss friendly? Now if you want to believe the fake messages and people who don’t know the real facts, it is obviously going to be a no. But we have researched and read all the facts and reports with proof. It states that rice is healthy. It is a good option for weight loss but only up to a certain amount of proportion. If any food item is overeating even if it is healthy, the results would be weight gain and obesity. Hence eating rice in small proportions can never be unhealthy. Now there are various types of rice available as we mentioned above. Some of them are healthier when compared to the other rice. So let us see which rice is the healthiest and the best option for weight loss.

White rice 

This is commonly consumed in almost all countries. It is a part of the daily diet of all households. White rice is basically milled rice in which all the husk, bran, and germ are removed and polished to give it a smooth and shiny texture. Speaking about nutrients, white rice is filled with vitamin B1 and B3, iron, minerals, and carbohydrates. They are all necessary for a healthy body.

A big list of recipes would be created if we have to mention the culinary uses of rice. But all of them are not healthy and can prove to be a disadvantage in the weight loss journey. Hence eating healthy recipes made from white rice with less oil and spice is mandatory. One also has to ensure that they eat only home-cooked food and not from some restaurant. White rice should be of the best quality. P L Global is one such company that imports and exports only the best quality agro commodities. 

Brown rice 

When compared with white rice, brown rice is much healthier. It is a great option for all the health freaks out there. In terms of health benefits, brown rice is considered to be healthier than white rice and is also inexpensive. Brown rice is a whole grain rice and is the same as white grain just without the hull and bran removed. It takes longer to cook when compared with white rice. It is again used in a number of recipes from all over the world.

Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins, and is high in fiber. All of this nutritional content creates a healthy meal for an individual. It can be had with chicken, veggies, and all kinds of pulses which makes the food healthier and tastier at the same time. As we mentioned before, it takes longer to cook. One has to check that they cook the rice properly and not keep it chewy or raw. Brown rice can be had during lunch as well as dinner but is mostly preferred during lunch. So the question – is rice fattening or weight loss friendly gets cleared when you have a good bowl of brown rice with veggies and lentils or meats. 

Black rice

Black rice also known as forbidden rice is ancient rice from China and a staple food in many Asian countries. They include nutritional content like protein, carbohydrate, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins which are the most essential nutrients for the body. Black rice is generally prepared in Assam and a healthy rice dish is prepared out of it which consists of vegetables and meat. The black rice can be used to prepare healthy desserts wherein the sugar can be substituted with stevia or jaggery and other healthy ingredients. So no one has to compromise on tasty and delicious food. 

Wild rice

Wild rice is the healthiest option when it comes to eating rice on a daily basis. Although it sounds a bit strange the taste and flavor of the dish is mouth watering and delectable. The grain originates from North America and China and is widely available as instant rice in many parts of america. The rice is available in three species that are native to North america. They are- northern wild rice, texas wild rice, and manchurian wild rice. It does not contain gluten and includes protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals which makes it a power packed meal. The preparation time is not longer when compared to other forms of rice and is also much healthier than all the above mentioned types of rice. 

The bottom line

All the nutritional content that rice contains cannot be denied and not to forget the taste and flavor of all the mouth watering dishes that are created using rice. Hence whenever someone asks you if rice fattening or weight loss is friendly just ask them to read this article or explain all the facts by yourself to clear all the doubts and problems. The only thing to keep in mind is to eat everything in small proportions and you are good to go. Hence for more relevant data, feel free to reach out to PL Global Impex Pte Ltd.

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