Vimpex Ltd is a leading importer & exporter and a local representative to internationally reputed manufacturers and trading houses. Vimpex Ltd is a well-established name as an importer and distributor to pharmaceutical, consumer, hardware & textileproducts in South Asian Region.  We thrive on being efficient and sustainable, with a strong infrastructural build and various services to meet our customers and suppliers every needs. We pride ourselves amongst the many largest distributors of pharmaceutical products.



Post-success of Vimpex Ltd, Yangon, Cambodia turned out to be the next best market to tap into. Beginning its operations in the year 1999, today it is listed amongst the TOP-5 distribution companies in Cambodia, with exceptionally positive relations with customers and dealers across the country. With a Competent and responsible team operating the regular control, focus and growth of Pharmaceutical and DMCG business, Vimpex Ltd Cambodia has established Maximum coverage throughout the country. Providing the same services as the headquarters in Yangon, Vimpex Ltd Cambodia is the younger brother that carried on the legacy yet established himself in his own way.



The newest addition to the chain of Vimpex Ltd, is also an import and export establishment with conducive distribution avenues. Formed in 2010, Vimpex Ltd is working for marketing activities, promotion planning, acting as a facilitator among principals and local sales agents for both pharmaceutical and consumer products. The only difference is that now it’s in Laos. With a strong team to cater to our partner companies and the Laos market, we are slowly establishing ourselves as a sustainable distributors in Laos.



R.P. Group has been in the commodity market for more than fifty years and by the accumulated virtue over the years has continued to supply top quality products from India to the world including Leather (Industrial Safety Leather Products). R.P Comtrade is also one of the leading international importer of a wide range of pulses from around the world. Come with RP Comtrade in attempts of “Bringing the World Together”.