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Here Comes New Ideas for Agrochemicals


Agriculture is the cultivation of natural resources for human sustenance and financial gain. It combines the imagination, creativity, and talent needed for both farming and animal husbandry. Modern production techniques and cutting-edge technologies enable this. Agriculture is also a business that provides the global economy with each agro commodity. Dal and rice, livestock, spices and nuts, dairy products, fiber, and raw materials for fuel are examples of using basic goods in commerce.

When people think of agriculture, they frequently picture crop farming. For this, the soil and the surrounding area must be ready for planting, fertilizing, irrigating, and harvesting various plant and vegetative species. Agriculture also includes raising livestock. It involves industrial forestry and fishing along with agricultural support services. This is similar to trucking companies and the repair of agricultural equipment.


It supports life by giving us the food we need to survive. Additionally, it gives the US economy $7 trillion. Despite the importance of agriculture, farmworkers are among the lowest-paid Americans, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

However, agriculture also offers chances for economic equity and promotes human prosperity globally. For instance, since 2000, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced the highest agricultural growth rate worldwide (about 4.3% annually). The local economy is able to expand thanks to it, claims the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). At the same time, there has been a decline in agricultural employment globally. Employment indicators show a decline from 1 billion in 2000 to 883 million in 2019. (26.7% of all work), agriculture continues to be the second-highest source of employment.  

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Why is agriculture important?

Let’s look at why agriculture is important with PL Global Impex Pte Ltd:

Supplying Raw Materials

The world economy cannot function without raw materials. Manufacturers cannot produce goods unless they have access to raw materials. Steel, minerals, and coal are examples of nonagricultural raw materials. However, agriculture provides many raw materials, ranging from lumber for construction materials to herbs for flavoring food. Corn, for example, is used to make foods and as a base for ethanol, a type of fuel.

Building a Stable Supply Chain

Importing and exporting agricultural products necessitates the use of shipping methods such as ocean freight, rail, and trucking. It can be problematic to ship agricultural products from a port in Los Angeles to China on time, and the opposite is also true. This will leave an impact on the global supply chain.

Animal Food

For the purpose of feeding livestock and poultry, some fruits and vegetables are grown. In the US, there are about 900 ingredients for animal feed that have legal approval. These include agricultural products like hay, straw, oils, sprouted grains, and legumes, as well as other ingredients.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the economics of biofuels made from biomass sources are favorable. Aggregate products like corn, soybeans, sugarcane, and algae fall under this category. The advantages include decreased emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants as well as the potential for farmers to earn more money. However, the production of biodiesel necessitates the use of water and land resources, which can raise the price of food.

Cotton for the clothes

Cotton comes from agricultural production. In this process, you grow the cotton, harvest it, and process it. Then, it is spun and woven into the fabric before becoming a piece of clothing. The production of cotton involves a vast global supply chain. According to a survey, it is a leading community, making up around 31% of all textile fibers globally.

Pharmaceutical Products

Plants are very useful to humans in helping them treat certain ailments. For instance, the plant root ginger, which is frequently added to tea, can help with digestion. Plant and herbal ingredients may also be helpful in medical treatments. For instance, digoxin is a medication for heart failure. It is made with chemicals extracted from the foxglove plant. Polylactic acid (PLA) is another illustration. When glucose in green plants ferments into lactic acid, it becomes the chemical lactate. Applications for PLA include orthopedic interventions, cancer therapy, tissue engineering, and cardiovascular implants. Also, it includes the fabrication of surgical implants.

Industrial Products

Bio-based chemistry uses raw materials derived from biomass to create industrial products. Various industrial goods are made with bio-based chemicals. Inks, dyes, detergents, fertilizers, plant oils, and biolubricants are a few of them. Chemicals and goods made from bio-based materials are an alternative to those made from petroleum. One kind of green chemistry is bio-based chemistry. It encourages reducing the negative effects of industrial production on the environment.


What are AgroChemicals?

Agrochemicals are chemical agents that are put on agricultural lands to increase the  nutrient shortage in the field or crop. In addition, they promote crop development by eliminating harmful insects. Agrochemicals boost both the output and quality of the agro commodity. They are beneficial in horticulture, dairy farming, cattle farming, the farming of dal and rice or of spices and nuts, shifting cultivation, commercial plantations, and a variety of other fields. For the best agro commodity, from spices to pulses, visit PL Global Impex Pte Ltd. With us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best. Farmers are increasing their use of agrochemicals to meet the demand for faster pollination in their fields.

We have compiled a list of some of the profitable agrochemicals ideas for you.

Agrochemicals formulations ideas



Acephate is a versatile organophosphate insecticide that acts both locally and systemically. It works especially well against sucking and chewing insect infestations. Tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, chilies, vegetables, fruits, and cereals are among their favorite foods.


In India, acetamiprid is a conventional and popular pesticide. The product can be used domestically to combat bed bugs. In the cotton field, the product enjoys widespread use. It belongs to the modern Neonicotinoid insecticide class. 


Atrazine is effective in controlling the annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds in maize. Also includes agro commodity like sugarcane, sorghum, coffee, grape vine, oil palm, bananas, pineapple, and guava. The commercial form of this item is a wettable powder.


Alphamethrin is one of the best agrochemicals against lepidopteran and sucking insects. Farmers love the product very much. The form of this is liquid. It can quickly knock someone out because it is a synthetic pyrethroid. 


One of the most popular agrochemicals in India, is chlorpyrifos. Furthermore, the item is effective at controlling a variety of pests and insects. Fruit Borers, Stem Borers, and Leaf Eating Caterpillars are among the pests found in crops such as cotton, pulses, oilseeds, rice, and others.

Copper Oxychloride

One of the fungicides with the highest sales is copper oxychloride. The product is most in demand, though, during the winter months. The product is also effective at preventing diseases from spreading to plantation crops, gardens, and other agricultural fields. 


The pesticide industry in India has long used cypermethrin as a staple product. However, the product functions in a variety of ratios and combinations. Additionally, you need to choose the molecules based on what the market is currently looking for.

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