Commodity Market: Why Are Commodities So Low?


The commodity market is huge and affects the economy of any country. But considering the certain situations, the prices of commodities are comparatively lower. Hence, one has to try to improve the prices by understanding the concepts and terms. It affects the prices of the commodities and also analyses whether the prices will ever change. For understanding all these details, we have curated an article that has all the necessary information. Dive into the article to understand the topic more clearly and concisely.

What are commodities?

Before we start with the article, it is important to comprehend the significance of items. It is a monetary decent, generally an asset that has full or impressive exchangeability. The market regards examples of the great as the same or almost so with no respect to who delivered them. The cost of any ware you can fix as an element of its market all in all. Grounded actual wares are effectively exchanged spot and subordinate business sectors. The accessibility of these products prompts more modest net revenues and lessens the significance of variables other than cost. Most wares like unrefined components, rural items, mining items, and so on It can likewise involve mass as unspecialized items that comprise of synthetic substances and PC memory.

Generally agricultural products are divided into two parts- hard and soft commodities. Hard commodities consist of precious metals like gold, silver, aluminium, helium, and oil. Soft commodities consist of growing goods like wheat, soybean, and rice.

Why are they mispriced?

Commodity markets are recurrent. Prices go through periods of high and low estimation based on supply and demand for goods and its availability. Materials can be harvested, mined, or gathered more efficiently. Hence they become cheaper to produce goods and supply grows. If demand does not grow proportionately, the price reduces.

There is a natural subsidiary and flow to the market. When the prices are high, supply increases till the satisfaction of the demand. Generally, supply continues to increase until it outpaces demand. At some point, prices drop along with supply and surplus product is consumed. If, on the other side of the coin, the economy grows and the demand for goods outweighs the supply, the price increases.

This pendulum oscillates from side to side as the market tries to balance at an equilibrium point. The commodity cycles tend to have wild oscillations due to the lack of actionable data. The long lead time required to build up or slow down an operation.

Now, the pendulum has been artificially pushed to one side and it is about to swing back in full speed. A decade of historically low interest rates has pushed the investors to take riskier and riskier bets in order to find returns. Hence driving up the price of almost all the stocks.


Disinflation is the decrease in the pace of expansion. It is a stoppage in the pace of ascent of the overall value level of labour and products in any country’s GDP over the long run. It happens when there is an expansion in the purchaser value level which dials back from the past period. At the point when the costs are expanding and it is something contrary to reflation.

During the period of recession, competition among the businesses for customers became quite intense. Hence, retailers are no longer able to pass on higher prices along to their customers. The reason for this is that when the bank adopts tight monetary policy. It becomes expensive to access money that reduces demand for goods and services in the economy. Although demand for the commodities falls, the supply remains the same. Hence, prices fall over time which leads to disinflation.


Another thing that has affected the price of commodities highly is the current pandemic situation. In the year 2019 the coronavirus outbreak led to the stoppage of different industries. One of them affects the commodity market the most. Oil prices fell dramatically during the early stages of 2019 and have only regained partially. The prices of agricultural commodities were relatively unaffected by the pandemic. But the number of the population at risk of food shortages has risen. As a result of the broader effects of global recession. But the metal and agricultural commodity market has recouped their losses now and are expected to make modest gains in 2021.

In countries that depend heavily on commodities that are subject to permanent shocks, and structural policies like economic diversification and broadening the tax base may be needed to facilitate adjustments to new economic environments.

Will the commodity prices be low forever?


Whether the prices of these commodities will rise or not depends on the strategies taken by the government. One has to understand it thoroughly and work hard to bring necessary changes. The question is a bit debatable so we leave it to you to answer the question after understanding the concepts and terms that affect the commodity market and accordingly reach to a final conclusion. If the demand of the goods and services increases, the prices will also increase leading to a boon in the commodity market.

The bottom line

The commodity market can be a tricky term to understand. But one who has keen interest in learning about the market and looks for a future career in the same. They can willingly look for more such articles on different websites or learn from tutorials available on the internet.

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