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Mr Naresh Kumar Dinodiya

P.L. Global Impex Pte Ltd,


P.L. Global Impex Pte Ltd, during the course of such a long journey, has established a prominent presence in the Indian and South-East Asian markets. This firm revolves around the core idea of “Bringing the World Together” by dispersing surplus resources around the globe. Currently captained by Mr Naresh Kumar Dinodiya its Managing Director who has a solid 40 years of personal working experience, the organization is being steered towards the vision and legacy left behind by his late father, Late Shri Piyarelalji, a pioneer in Myanmar pulses trade that has held its establishment for over 90 yrs.
Apart from the Import and Export Trading Business, P.L. Global Impex Ltd is involved with numerous infrastructure-based projects, a wide distribution network, well-established restaurants, and even a presence in the manufacturing & service industry. The distribution network itself is supported by an experienced and loyal workforce of over 1000 employees. Under the guidance and stewardship of its Managing Director Mr. Naresh Kumar Dinodiya & his management team, P L Global Impex Pte Ltd is able to effectively cater to the needs of the South-East Asian market.

Although P L Global Impex Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore, it has branch offices and associates in many South-East Asian countries. It has established a prominent presence as a major market player in various sectors in Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, India, along with some other countries.

In addition to his commitment towards his business, he has also left his impression on the community by taking up leadership and/or founding roles in groups such as the Indian Association of Myanmar (President), OATAM (Founding Member), Myanmar Cricket Federation (initiated cricket in Myanmar and played a major role in forming the Myanmar Cricket Federation), and Indian Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (Founder and Vice President). He is also a member of various initiatives like the Rotary Club, FICCI, CII, IPGA, GPC, Merchant’s Chamber, SICC, SAM, and Pulses Association.

Even after being awarded multiple awards for its excellence all over Asia, P.L Global Impex Pte Ltd constantly strives to grow, develop and improve to reach greater heights and to consistently provide quality services for its customers at affordable prices.

P.L. Global Impex Pte Ltd,




Post-success of Vimpex Ltd, Yangon, Cambodia turned out to be the next developing market to tap into. Beginning its operations in the year 1999, today Vimpex is listed among the TOP-5 distribution companies in Cambodia, with exceptionally positive relations with customers and dealers across the country. With a competent and responsible team operating the regular control, focus and growth of Pharmaceutical and FMCG business, Vimpex Ltd Cambodia has established maximum coverage throughout the country. Providing the same services as the headquarters in Yangon, Vimpex Ltd Cambodia is the younger brother that carried on the legacy yet established himself in his own way.


Vimpex Ltd is a leading import & distribution company, a local representative to internationally reputed manufacturers and trading houses. Vimpex Ltd is well-established in pharmaceutical, FMCG, hardware & textile products in the South Asian Region. We thrive on being efficient and sustainable, with a strong infrastructural build and various services to meet our customers and suppliers every need. We pride ourselves on achieving performance and results to grow in a win-win environment for all.


The newest addition to the chain of Vimpex Ltd is also an import and export establishment with conducive distribution avenues. After its establishment in 1999, Vimpex Ltd is working for marketing activities, promotion planning, acting as a facilitator among principals and local sales agents for both pharmaceutical and consumer products. The only difference is that now it’s in Laos. With a strong team to cater to our partner companies and the Laos market, we are slowly establishing ourselves as a sustainable distributor in Laos.


R P Comtrade was conceived in the year 2007,with an experience of 42 years in leather products.Our major areas are distribution of beans & pulses,import & export,mainly commodities & spices,manufacture of industrial leather gloves and restaurants
RP Comtrade
Shiva Shakti


The Indian restaurant with a focus on authenticity. Shiva Shakti has been in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for more than two decades, accumulating a rich and flourishing legacy. It is one of Cambodia’s oldest & most Indian Restaurants. From serving the Late King His Majesty Sihanouk of Cambodia to Hollywood Stars like Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton, Shiva Shakti continues to gather positive recommendations throughout the years.


The Corriander Leaf is an Indian Fine-Dining restaurant located in Yangon, Myanmar. It was established in 2010. The Corriander Leaf offers the perfect blend of an irresistible menu stirred with innovative recipes and seasoned with the fresh and alluring flavors of traditional Indian Spices. The Corriander Leaf is the ideal place for intimate soirees, individual dinners, family functions or large corporate events with the comfortable seating, private dining rooms,ballrooms and a modern decor theme. There’s more! The Corriander Leaf also provides catering services and the royal “Corriander Leaf” banquet hall for exclusive events. That is why The Corriander Leaf provides the true “Indian Fine-Dining Experience.” Additionally, Corriander Leaf has launched its in-house confectionery and snack box line by the name of “Mithaas” which provides Indian Sweets, Snacks & Lunch Box services.

Corriander leaf